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Like any snake oil, the placebo effect is pretty high.If you believe in the stuff- your body just says -"Yea!

Let's do that again!" . Well, I cannot say that I am really in touch with my body, inner sole, or even mind- given all the Cr#%$P there is out there. Yet, at 66 years old, I need all the help I can get. Really, I feel like a kid anyway- and no aches and pains to complain about- before or after the Greens.

. I rode my bike last year 500 milers across Iowa. That helped out my overall shape pretty well. When you really exercise- all else pales in comparison.

But, in a year, my belly is back- so, I figured I better do SOMETHING.

I hate the taste, and try to mix it into a single gulp with breakfast.So far- So good.

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