I have no complaint with the product. It works...and works well. But I would like other positions and observations...on the product...not Obama.Please leave your political position out of my sex drive.That is a turn off. It makes me feel like you'd rather knock the President than relate what others think of your product. Frankly I could care less about your politics. I may disagree with you...but so what....then again...I might agree. So what.What should be most important to you???What do I think of your product. It's a turn off when you inject a political position...when you should only be interested in what I think of you product. Have I said that often enough for you to understand where I'm coming from? And pray tell...why does this have to be at least 100 words? I would like a detailed explanationfor that. Is it because you are going to reprint my comments? Be a little more straight up. Ay my age...sex drive is very important. It's not a subject to be sluffed off. I don't know if this all adds up to 199 words. I am not taking the time to count.


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