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You asked for a review in your email to me. You're getting a lot of negative reviews. Honestly I think I know why..

A large majority of people who are looking for supplements are looking for something overnight. Partially due to the way the supplement is advertised, and particularly due to wanting something easy they can take to make a huge difference in their looks, attitude, energy, sex, stamina, and on and on !!!!! Well, its not out there ! Those things come with supplements AND work on your part to make it happen. Another reason is that some people are already taking many supplements and would not be able to tell the difference by adding another one. All this probably weeds out 90% of your bad reviews. The other 10% its possible it just does not appeal to them.

Personal experience.....I am 58 and I have been taking the Power Greens for 2 months and I feel like it helps me with some added energy and sense of well being. The ingredients are all proven to help our bodies so why would there be a bad review ? Just because you don't feel something major does not mean it doesn't work. More than likely means you are not in touch with your body as much as you could be. Its not overnight and its not a life changing experience, but it is something you can take to help your body perform to its potential. Mindset is also important. Once you start down the negative road its over. I feel good when I take this product. Mentally I know I'm doing something good for myself, and getting all these ingredients that would be difficult for me to take otherwise. Combined with a good attitude, workouts, plenty of rest, and a good relationship, this product will always be in my arsenal of staying on top......

AND, if you are driven more by reviews then check out some of the 3rd party reviews that rate this product always in the top 3 greens available today....



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Greenbrier, Tennessee, United States #1212883

I agree 100 %

i just orderd the new double strength tosee how it works

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